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Last Update February 26, 2024
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About This Course

SEM – GDN – Youtube

Learning Objectives

SEM - GDN - Youtube


  • No software or materials are needed
  • You will be provided with this and the skills during this period, so you simply need to rocket into learning
  • Keep in mind some areas you would like to revisit

Target Audience

  • Beginner


13 Lessons30h

SEM – GDN – Youtube

Learn Google Ads campaigns according to the marketing objectives00:00
Conduct keyword strategy and optimize keyword research and selection00:00
Write advertising content for higher CTR00:00
Optimize landing pages for conversions00:00
Establish quality score strategy and measure its impact on budget00:00
Use keywords and ads on search network00:00
Utilize Keyword Planner tool and organize keyword groups00:00
Target specific areas and payment strategies in search campaigns00:00
Create ads with “call only” action00:00
Implement flexible bid strategy00:00
Build negative keyword lists and ad extensions00:00
Analyze campaigns and measure clicks and conversions00:00
Explain Conversion Code and extract reports to calculate ROI00:00

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